Art by

Moeder de Gans

There is plenty to look at within the grounds of Herberg Moeder de Gans, (Mother Goose Inn!). To begin with, the oldest building in the farm complex is the living house, dated back to 1740. Like many of the old buildings in this region, it is made in the traditional technique they call here 'vakwerk'. This is a process of mud, straw and lime rendering within a wooden framework. It is very beautiful. If you search the Voerstreek, you will find a number of these types of buildings, including some wonderful new dwellings that have been painstakingly built in the traditional way, complete with the wooden pegs and a rare ambience of nature! These buildings I regard as artwork. When you consider the old fashioned manual labour that has gone into their creation, it is really remarkable.


Further, walking around Moeder de Gans you will come across other handwork. Antique tools, deprived of their purpose, pose as curious sculptures draped across the walls and crouching in the corners.


The faint whispering of a two metre long wind chime can often be heard singing in chorus with the wild birds. The simplicity of this harmony is a kind of art, most often forgotten or erased in the cities. If it touches you, reminds you, and inspires you, then I call this art, in its most successful form.


If you are looking for more tangible art!, you will be surprised by a peaceful mural as you sit on the toilet and take a moment for yourself, or a fresco half licked away by the goats in the old stables, or delighted by creative interiors, regularly changing in the restaurant. If you find 'art' often difficult to understand and appreciate, try one of the special Belgium beers, such as the Karmeliet from the tap. That is sure to open up your imagination and have you exclaiming, "Beautiful!"

Moeder de Gans, beginning with this website and extending to a visit in Teuven, is an interactive experience you're sure to find beauty in, influencing your senses in a positive way.
Perhaps you would like a memoir of your visit to Moeder de Gans?
It is possible to make a photographic arrangement. The perfect gift to give to your party as reminder of your special occassion together at Moeder de Gans. For an example of a group portrait, click here. For an example of a day photographic arrangement click here for a preview from a wedding by Moeder de Gans.
Moeder de Gans also offers group arrangements to visit a ceramic studio in the Voerstreek, where you can create your own pottery under the guidance of the resident ceramic artist.
Follow this link for more information regarding this arrangement.